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The Inner Voice

The Inner Voice is dedicated to providing exceptionally professional, personalized, and compassionate service and care. Holistically-based services assist in the self-healing process. Through guided, therapeutic, and meditative practices, become present with, honor, and move through what arises (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) in a sacred, safe, and supported way. Feel more at ease in your body, reap the benefits of deep relaxation, and learn practical and effective tools and techniques for achieving heightened resilience and well-being. Many have experienced restored health, increased vitality, profound peace, and empowerment at The Inner Voice. 


​"Anna helped me through my pregnancy depression! Through private guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions she guided me on alleviating my stress and anxiety I was not able to cope with on my own.  Never did I feel so equipped to handle my goals and tasks while preparing for birth. I had a traumatic medicated first birth, a cesarean section with my second and was hoping for an un-medicated natural vaginal birth- a VBAC for my third.  I was petrified and had way too much on my plate with starting a new business, moving into a new home and two other very young children.  I had been seeing a psychiatrist who kept on leaving me hanging at the end of our sessions and charging me an arm and a leg to “talk.”  Anna spent the time to hear my fears and anxieties and custom tailored meditations and hypnotherapy sessions just right for me in that moment.  In just 3 sessions I felt my inner strength shine through my old anxiety ridden surface.  I had found my “inner voice” thanks to Anna!  I am happy to report that my 3rd baby Jaclyn was born vaginally with no epidural!!!  


Thank you Anna!"
All my love, Jennifer Watt- Avalon Wellness Center, NJ 


“During my first visit, I realized that this was what I was missing in my therapy and in my life!! 

Through hypnotherapy, I was able to release and let go of all the unresolved issues of my past. 

It is when I was able to re-connect to my inner-self, that I felt whole!! I am able to use the tools and 

experiences that Anna has shared with me to live a happy and self-loving life. I am forever grateful for

the experiences that I've shared with Anna.”        

J. Thomas - Montclair, NJ


"Anna performed some excellent energy healing on me. Through a combination of Bio Acoustics and energy work, she really helped my body heal itself. And you won't meet a more caring or nicer person than Anna."

John B. – Diagnosed with Lyme Disease and MS

"Since making Guided Meditation a part of my life, I have noticed many positive changes take place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By taking Anna's class I find my mind is clearer, my emotions are more stable, and not to mention I am able to sleep far better than I ever have as an adult. She is as gifted as she is genuine and friendly. She and her class have had a tremendous impact on my life." 

Jeff Wertalik – District Supervisor – Allied Management/Bottle King Liquors

"Anna is love and light and tenderness; and yet paradoxically, a powerful presence. 

Anna is spiritually gifted.  She has been a guide on my journey of self love and with 

her voice she has carried me to places of surrender and joy."

Deb Horwitz – South Orange, NJ


"I’ve been struggling with addiction issues for years. Before entering a long-term treatment program, I had several private Hypnotherapy sessions and group meditation sessions with Anna.Every day while in the rehab center, I listened to the sessions Anna graciously taped for me. After a few weeks, I discovered that I was able to bring myself to that peaceful place at any time I was Agitated. I am now back home and have maintained a clean and sober lifestyle. I still use the tapes almost every day and, whenever possible, attend live sessions with Anna. I believe Anna’s help contributes significantly to my sobriety. And, my practice of meditation will continue to be a mainstay of my new way of living."

Donna Ambrosi – Wayne, NJ

Come to explore, know, trust, and honor your Inner Voice, and infuse your unique spirit into all aspects of your life.

Your soul speaks…listen!

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