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The Inner Voice


Meditation is an ongoing practice of bringing your awareness away from the outside world and toward what is present inside.  In its simplest form, meditation is a state of just being; of going beyond ordinary waking consciousness and experiencing our true essence without any attachment to having any specific experience.  During meditation, there is an increase in parasympathetic nervous system activity (our rest 

and repair mode).  Brain waves shift, the body’s natural tranquilizers are released, stress hormones are reduced, and the body becomes deeply relaxed.  The mind becomes calm and expansive, and the heart ​of our emotional center becomes clear and engaged.  There are various forms and styles of meditation. Some are rooted in stillness and silence, while others are based in movement, sound, and repetition.  Guided Meditation is a specialty at The Inner Voice, and can be extremely effective, especially for a beginner or for someone who tends to be easily distracted.  Having a consistent meditation practice can help deepen one’s sense of profound peacefulness and connectedness with less distraction, and is key to increasing its cumulative benefits…and there are many!



Here are some of Meditation’s Benefits 

Overall Well-Being
Focus and Mental Strength
Memory and Retention
Awareness, Optimism, and Relaxation

Mood and Energy Level
Immune System Function
Breathing and Heart Rate
Resilience against Pain and Adversity
Decision-Making and Problem Solving Abilities

Depression and Anxiety
Worry and Impulsivity
Stress, Fear and its Affects
Chronic Pain
Blood Pressure in Those At-Risk


Asthma and Inflammatory Disorders
Brain and Heart Issues
Premenstrual and Menopausal Syndromes

Prevent Emotional Eating
Manage ADHD
Develop Healthy Social Connections and Interactions
Enhanced Self-Esteem
Strength, Intuition and Emotional Intelligence
Promote Healing and Longevity

Deepen and Strengthen Spiritual Connection   and Self-Trust

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