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The Inner Voice


Hypnosis simply refers to the state of being in the subconscious mind; a state beyond ordinary consciousness. It is a naturally occurring state that we shift in and out of, throughout the day and night that is inherently part of being human.  Accessing this part of our consciousness has been documented since ancient times.  The term Hypnotherapy, known also as Hypno-Counseling, is a therapeutic and gentle way to address a wide range of issues, reach desired goals, and make profound change by accessing the subconscious mind.  During a typical Hypnotherapy session, the matter at hand is discussed, as well as a basic overview of how the session will go.  Then through guided processes and techniques, the body becomes deeply relaxed and the conscious mind becomes occupied; allowing the awareness to be focused inwardly, while detaching from what is going on externally.  Imagination, concentration, and the senses become clearer and comfortably heightened.  There is a sense of inner expansiveness, and the root of the issue can be viewed without attachment and judgment.  Hypnotherapy is an effective way to gain clear understanding from a place of higher perspective, compassion, and empowerment, while feeling supported and capable of letting go (if necessary), and coming into acceptance.  The Hypnotherapist helps to create and hold the space for transformation to occur; serving as a support and guide through the entire process.  The client remains in complete control and needs only to have the desire, willingness, and readiness for change.  ​

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