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The Inner Voice

Private Sessions

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

An individual approach to addressing personal issues and reaching desired goals. Through a guided, therapeutic, and meditative process, access the subconscious mind and become present with whatever arises in a sacred, safe, and supported way. Connect to the wisdom, senses, and loving power of the soul. From this place, clarity in understanding the truth of the matter, coming into acceptance, and releasing (if necessary) are all possible.




Private Group Sessions

The choice is yours...
Meditate with the people of your choice, at the location of your choice, 

and at the time of your choice.

Here are your options:
Your group can meet in the comfort of your own home. 

(With five or more people, the host is free)

Incorporate a Guided Group Meditation into your corporate, school, or special event.

More extensive private workshops are also available.





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