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I am Anna Antanies, and I am a Meditation Instructor, Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner.  


At age seven, I was introduced to meditation. The profound personal benefits of my lifelong practice, and my deep desire to learn, teach, and help others have all contributed to shaping my career path.  After earning a BA in Psychology at Seton Hall University, I began my studies in Integrative and Complementary Medicine.  

Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch came first (1999), followed by Certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy (2001) and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (2002).  

I  began seeing Hypnotherapy clients and instructing group meditation classes around that time, while Energy Work has been a mainstay since completing my coursework.  Next I became a BioAcoustics Research Associate (2004); working in the field of Sound Therapy, specifically Human BioAcoustics.  The Inner Voice was established in (2006), and I later recorded and released a guided meditation entitled, “Waves of Relaxation” (2008). I have been incorporating my training in HeartMath (2015) into my practice, and looks forward to infusing more of what I learn into my life and work.  


Although some of my education has been quite clinical, I work in a way that is Spirit-Guided, lighthearted, compassionate, and direct, and emphasize the importance of engaging and accessing not only the intelligence of your mind and body, but especially all that comes from your heart and soul.



Anna Antanies, CHt

​Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and

Meditation Instructor

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