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​"Anna helped me through my pregnancy depression! Through private guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions she guided me on alleviating my stress and anxiety I was not able to cope with on my own.  Never did I feel so equipped to handle my goals and tasks while preparing for birth. I had a traumatic medicated first birth, a cesarean section with my second and was hoping for an un-medicated natural vaginal birth- a VBAC for my third.  I was petrified and had way too much on my plate with starting a new business, moving into a new home and two other very young children.  I had been seeing a psychiatrist who kept on leaving me hanging at the end of our sessions and charging me an arm and a leg to “talk.”  Anna spent the time to hear my fears and anxieties and custom tailored meditations and hypnotherapy sessions just right for me in that moment.  In just 3 sessions I felt my inner strength shine through my old anxiety ridden surface.  I had found my “inner voice” thanks to Anna!  I am happy to report that my 3rd baby Jaclyn was born vaginally with no epidural!!!  Thank you Anna!"
All my love, Jennifer Watt- Avalon Wellness Center, NJ 

“During my first visit, I realized that this was what I was missing in my therapy and in my life!!

Through hypnotherapy, I was able to release and let go of all the unresolved issues of my past.

It is when I was able to re-connect to my inner-self, that I felt whole!! I am able to use the tools and

experiences that Anna has shared with me to live a happy and self-loving life. I am forever grateful for

the experiences that I've shared with Anna.”
J. Thomas - Montclair, NJ

"Anna performed some excellent energy healing on me. Through a combination of Bio Acoustics and energy work, she really helped my body heal itself. And you won't meet a more caring or nicer person than Anna."
John B. – Diagnosed with Lyme Disease and MS

"Since making Guided Meditation a part of my life, I have noticed many positive changes take place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. By taking Anna's class I find my mind is clearer, my emotions are more stable, and not to mention I am able to sleep far better than I ever have as an adult. She is as gifted as she is genuine and friendly.
She and her class have had a tremendous impact on my life." 
Jeff Wertalik – District Supervisor – Allied Management/Bottle King Liquors

"Anna is love and light and tenderness; and yet paradoxically, a powerful presence.

Anna is spiritually gifted.  She has been a guide on my journey of self love and with

her voice she has carried me to places of surrender and joy."
Deb Horwitz – South Orange, NJ

"I’ve been struggling with addiction issues for years. Before entering a long-term treatment program, I had several private Hypnotherapy sessions and group meditation sessions with Anna.Every day while in the rehab center, I listened to the sessions Anna graciously taped for me. After a few weeks, I discovered that I was able to bring myself to that peaceful place at any time I was Agitated. I am now back home and have maintained a clean and sober lifestyle. I still use the tapes almost every day and, whenever possible, attend live sessions with Anna. I believe Anna’s help contributes significantly to my sobriety. And, my practice of meditation will continue to be a mainstay of my new way of living."
Donna Ambrosi – Wayne, NJ

Anna Antanies, CHt

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Meditation Instructor, and Healing Touch

and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

Anna Antanies is a Meditation Instructor, Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner.  She was introduced to meditation at age seven. The profound personal benefits of her lifelong practice, and her deep desire to learn, teach, and help others have all contributed to shaping her career path.  After earning a BA in Psychology at Seton Hall University, Anna began her studies

in Integrative and Complementary Medicine.  Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch came first (1999),

followed by Certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy (2001) and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (2002). 

She began seeing Hypnotherapy clients and instructing group meditation classes around that time, while Energy Work has been a mainstay since completing her coursework.  Next she became a BioAcoustics Research Associate (2004); working in the field of Sound Therapy, specifically Human BioAcoustics.  Anna established The Inner Voice, LLC (2006), and later recorded a guided meditation entitled, “Waves of Relaxation” (2008).  She has been incorporating her training in HeartMath (2015) into her practice, and looks forward to infusing more of what she learns into her life and work.  Although some of her education has been quite clinical, Anna’s soothing voice, lighthearted nature, and compassionate presence are sure to engage your heart and soul. 

​​Your soul speaks... listen!